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From a place of inner abundance

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

inner abundance

What if you start your day from a place of inner abundance?

Imagine you choose to believe that you are successful, have plenty of money, and are in good health and great shape. How would you show up and present yourself differently to people around you?

Imagine you believe that you have lots of time, there are many job opportunities and promotions available for everyone, and there is no need to compete or fight. How would you approach your day differently?

Imagine you know for sure that you are adequate, perfect, have a heart that overflows with love and kindness, and always see the silver linings in difficult situations or hardships. What different choices and decision would you take? How would you share your abundance with others differently?

What would be the biggest difference from the place you have started this morning, if not from a place of abundance?

We naturally expect the sun to rise in the morning, warm up the day, nurture the earth, melt the snow, and perhaps, even put us in a shiny, happy mood. We don’t doubt the sun or nature (e.g., rain, thunder, wind, etc.). Instead, we accept nature the way it is, including its abundance and the blessing and hardship it bestows. Although we may dislike (raining too much), complain (too hot), or blame nature (disasters) sometimes, we don’t ask it to change. We have strong faith that nature will be the way as it has always been.

And yet when comes to our lives, we sometimes forget the same faith for ourselves and in life. We question the abundance and the inner resourcefulness that is in each one of us, and we overlook the abundance that this world has available for all of us.

All we need is to acknowledge and reclaim the abundance within us.

Watch out for signs that hinder your inner abundance, like:

• Worrying about the future and lacking confidence in how things unfold

• Feeling unworthy despite love and positive experiences

• Wanting to control or advise others due to feeling you know better

• Getting into unnecessary competition for scarce resources.

Acknowledge and Inner abundance: a boundless reservoir of peace, joy, gratitude, love, resilience, purpose, wisdom, and contentment fostering inner richness and fulfillment

What happens if you accept your abundance today?

Taking this moment, breath in deeply and say to yourself: 'I AM ABUNDANCE.'

full of love

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