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Our Camps

1-2 Parent-Child Coaching

Positive Discipline based Working Together

We support you and your child to discover both your inner selves and connect with each other

at a deeper level via playful activities, mindfulness and positive discipline tools. 

We create an environment that encourages openness, sharing, intimacy and team spirit. 

Our coaching sessions comprise 3 parts

1-1 coaching with the parents
This is an open, kind, and compassionate space where parents discuss their parenting challenges and inner kids. Together we dig deeper, re-create the ideal solutions lovingly, and find ways to move forward. 
1-1 coaching with the child

This is a fun, creative and loving space where the child is freely to share and express what they have in mind. Various tools, techniques and keen observation are applied to listen beyond the child's needs and unspoken emotions.  

1-1 coaching with both parent and child
This is a dedicated, affirming, and loving space for parents and children to understand each other deeply, communicate positively, and creatively solve specific challenge(s) faced.
Working Together
1-1 Working Together.png
Greatest Benefits
Parenting Topics
  • Power struggles & pushing boundaries

  • Not listen to what has being asked

  • Take responsibilities lightly

  • Sibling jealousy & argument

  • Balance of needs and priority

  • Manage energy & expectations

parent child
Parenting Tools
  • Connection before correction

  • Sense of humour

  • Empower yourself

  • Take time for training

  • Paying attention

  • Validate feelings

  • Agreement

  • Listening

  • Letting go

  • Positive time-out

  • Tone of voices

  • Focus on solution

  • Family meeting

  • Show faith

Let's have a free open call (30 minutes)

to get inspired on what we could do

for your parenting journey.

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