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About Cindy

My life purpose...

is to be there, to shade and to radiate my shines, so that people may feel warm, take rest, rejuvenate, regain courage and see their own treasures within.


Supporting women, parents and children to gather emotional grounding is my ultimate mission. All my work and accompany is with an intention to foster personal growth and wellbeing, to create and have fun, as well as to cultivate kindness and compassion.

The key lessons and beliefs that have made an impact and underpin my current work are:

Encouraging learning through play

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Learning is creative yet fun, free yet engaging, and physical yet emotional. With experiential learning becoming more popular due to its effectiveness, wouldn’t it be fun to see learning opportunities in everything you and your child experience? 

Positive Parenting

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Often we tend to focus on immediate correction on children’s mistakes, but positive parenting offers a solution to connect with them first, ensuring children are accepted and intrinsically motivated. Slowing down, listening and simply being present for your little ones can make all the difference! 

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Emotional resilience is a learned ability 

Think of it as a surfer and how they surf the wave. Being afraid of the waves won’t help, but instead the more they practice the easier it will be to ride with ease and enjoyment. Similarly, throughout life, we will face multiple challenges at different stages of our lives. Fostering this ability within us, will help us gain confidence from an early age. So, why not develop this skill set as early as possible for ourselves and our children?

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Practicing Mindfulness 

Paying closer attention to our physical and emotional senses and reactions will help us deal with the tough moments easier. This opens up a vast space for endless possibilities, freedom, and compassion to pour in. I can personally vouch for this. 


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Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator 

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Certified MMM (Mon Moment Magique) Ambassador (English/Lausanne)

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Certified Associate Coach (ACC, International Coaching Federation)

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Certified Resilience & Life Coach (Institute of Life Coaching Training)

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Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher​​

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Certified Chartered Accountant (SAICA)


"Out of all the changes, asking oneself to change is both the easiest request and the most challenging to enact." 

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