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Happy Mother's Day

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting
is parents with positive embrace to support a child's development 
and inner spirit by being kind and firm, loving and consistent,
as well as staying engaged and supportive.

We promote mutual respect, humble attitude, open and growth mindset,
also trusting and can-do spirit in parenting.



Positive Discipline™ (PD) concept and series developed by Jane Nelsen and her team that uphold values like 'parenting without punishment, through mutual connection, respect and empowerment.’


It helps parents to focus on building individual important life skills, offers practical tools and tips, as well as through role-play reflection to find solutions to life's problems, together with our children. 

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~ Magical transformation with your children starts right now and right here. ~

Parenting Challenges

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Positive Discipline [PD] Solutions

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Workshops for Parents / Parent-Child

PD Regular workshop (only parents) is a positive, empathetic, and open space where parents share their parenting challenges, get familiar with positive discipline concepts, learn the 49 practical tools with experiential activities (role-play), and support each other by brainstorming solutions. 

PD Special workshop (parent & child) is encouraging and helpful in connecting with each other. It is a fun space for parents and children to understand each other more deeply, helping you explore positive disciplines, tools, whilst also creating something tangible to be applied right away. 
1-to-2 Parent-Child Coaching Sessions Working Together
Our coaching sessions are designed in 3 parts:
  • 1-1 coaching with the parents is an open, kind, and compassionate space where parents discuss their parenting challenges and inner kids. Together we dig deeper, re-create the ideal solutions lovingly, and find ways to move forward. 
  • 1-1 coaching with the child is a fun, creative and loving space where the child is freely to share and express what they have in mind. Various tools, techniques and keen observation are applied to listen beyond the child's needs and unspoken emotions.                                                                   
  • ​1-2 coaching with both the parent and the child is a dedicated, affirming, and loving space for parents and children to understand each other deeply, communicate positively, and creatively solve specific challenge(s) faced.
PD tools are applied during this time while working together.
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This is tailored for private parent gathering and organization. Exploring parenting solutions with positive discipline tools in a friendly, relaxing, and open atmosphere. Parents and teachers get to share and discuss their parenting/teaching challenges and experiences, as well as at the same time nurture their inner child for personal growth and enrichment. 
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