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10 Empowering Beliefs About Children

Here are 10 empowering beliefs about children that may onboard you with a different path of parenting...

empower children

1. Children are born inherently creative, whole, and resourceful.

While they may lack certain communication and execution skills due to cognitive developmental phases, their innate wisdom and solutions shine through. As parents, let's try to widen our perspectives to observe and embrace their expressions beyond the convention and our expectations.

2. From the womb, children are attentive, learning, and communicating.

They constantly absorb the environment dynamics and strive to understand how the world function. It's important to question whether we assume they lack comprehension or if we limit ourselves for their expressions.

3. Children are perceptive and constantly explore the world around them.

Providing a safe space for them to interact, explore, and test boundaries is essential. Ask ourselves, if we want a child who actively seeks to discover and pushing our boundaries or one who merely accepts instructions?

children are our teachers

4. Children are our life instructors.

When they challenge our boundaries, it urges us to re-evaluate our beliefs, reactions, and how we navigate our world. Their actions reflect deeper underlying aspects of inner world (i.e. their needs, thoughts and feelings and our needs, thoughts and feelings). Their actions (testing boundaries) are the tip of an iceberg reminding us the existence of what lies below.

5. Children aren't our possessions or dream savers.

While we influence them, we should not impose identities or (our dream) life paths on them. Supporting and encouraging children to explore their true selves and life purpose from an early age nurture inner freedom. This is a valuable life gift we may give them.

6. Children mirror our emotions, behaviours and beliefs.

They are the partial consequences of our parenting efforts. Recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, continuously working to enhance ourselves, exploring and learning together showcases to our children the values of humanity, humility, and personal growth.

7. Children absorb information like sponges.

They learn through observation, imitation, and constant practices. Parents is to periodically sift through what they've absorbed, enabling them to retain the valuable while discarding the unnecessary.

children potential

8. Children possess limitless potential.

The limits we perceive are often due to our restricted vision, not their capabilities. Creating an open minded, imaginative, no limit environment allows both parents and children to flourish and reach full potential.

9. Children have a unique life purpose, and our role is to nurture and support them while guiding their understanding of them selves, the world and searching for their purpose.

10. Ultimately, children teach us acceptance.

We didn't choose them; they come with their distinct needs, purposes, and challenges. Embracing their individuality positively shapes our parenting journey, fostering a deeply connected relationship.


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