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Kids with Capes

Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience refer to the capacity to balance and re-balance
from emotional stresses and challenges.

~ A holistic approach focuses on two pillars,

Emotional Confidence     Emotional Wellbeing
 [My Shining Moment™]               [Mon Magique Moment™]

We take care of the below areas:

* Emotional Confidence *
[My Shining Moment™]
Nurturing and freeing your mind, soul and intuition...

Emotional confidence means feeling safe and comfortable expressing our true thoughts, emotions and vulnerabilities, reflecting our authentic selves.


It is the strength arises from knowing and trusting inner wisdom and intuition, in additions to which is built from knowledge, skills, qualification or status.


My Shining Moment™(MSM) aims through self-searching, inner exploration and expansion, complemented with related knowledge and tools to remove the blockers and reconnect within, to simply allow our true self to shine. 


The program focuses on: 

  • mind - to obtain new, renew and let go knowledges, ideas, beliefs, dreams, goals

  • soul - to connect to inner self, future self, past self, higher self

  • intuition - to trust self

It is a journey to claim and re-reclaim that we are creative, complete and whole since birth.


What if we were born with confidence needed to face the world?

What if we had everything we needed to deal with challenges?

What if we believe ourselves since the beginning?

* Emotional Wellbeing *
[Mon Moment Magique

Expressing and be mindful about your body, emotions and heart...

Mon Moment Magique™(MMM) visions to take women, parents and children on a path to personal happiness by encouraging them to take care of themselves, to value their bodies, their mind, their heart while having fun.


This program is with the aims to open an enchanted space in everyday life, like a magic bubble just for resting and recharging, to blend quality individual time with group time to connect, to enjoy calm and dynamic wellbeing activities, and create a safe environment for the above to take place.


Various wellbeing practices are designed and planned in the sessions to increase self-awareness, build personal developments and create habits & routines maintaining our daily wellness, emotionally and physically. 



Emotion Workshop_edited.jpg
​Welcome to a theme-based enchanted space with group energy synchronization breathing exercise or dance
Emotional Confidence: learn new knowledge, make self-exploration and discuss with the group (via story telling, drawing, journaling, role plays...)
Emotional Wellbeing: take part in wellbeing activities right away (i.e. emotional check-in, letting off steam, yoga movements, relaxation, meditation...)
Emotional Confidence: send loving kindness, make self-reflection, express gratitude and share, as well as feel fully recharged
CRAFTS: make an artistic expression of key learning and immerse in creativity, imagination, mindfulness, loving and kindness towards self
This workshop focuses on strengthening the bond between adults (parents, god-parents, grandparents and children by creating happy and tender memories, and also encouraging families to reserve their schedules for spending quality time together.
Kid Painting
Spend time together with your little one to have fun while learning through play about emotions, kindness and sharing.
Create daily wellbeing routines.
Age 4 - 6 / Minis (90 minutes)
Show Me My Emotions
Learn how to anchor your little one’s natural openness to happiness and enthusiasm, and how to optimize this habit by incorporating the best well-being practices to their daily routine.
Children Embracing in Circle
Take advantage of this developmental period rich with opportunities to sow the seeds of magic, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy, openness and and more in children’s hearts, so that they will be happy children who become happy adults!
Yoga Class
Age 12 -16 / Teens (120 minutes) 
Lead Me To Go Within 

During the period of extraordinary metamorphosis, support your teenager by creating wellness reflexes that teach them: to be who they are, to love themselves and to live in harmony with others without losing their sense of self.

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Bring new moms (before birth) the opportunity to prepare for motherhood; allow new moms (after birth) and 2nd time moms a wellbeing moment, just for self and away from daily routines. 

This session is dedicated for self-love, self-care, self-compassion and support network.

Moms may feel recharged with love and positive energy, refocused and empowered after the session.

Women / In Transition (120 minutes)
Lifting You High, Holding You Low

Offer women a safe space to rest and recharge, to self-reflect and grief, to grow and be nourished, to be vulnerable and be brave, as well as to connect with self and others. 

This session aims to support women who want happiness and to break free from existing situation and transform. There are many practical tools shared for maintaining personal wellbeing. 

Talking in Headset
All Age / Online 
Make Meeting You Possible
Enable the magic of all our sessions and workshops to be shared and made available to children, parents, teachers, moms and women no matter where you are!
MMM Birthday Party
celebrates your kid's special day with a flare of magic and offers him/her with his/her friends a memory to treasure.
MMM Pajama Party
brings surprises and fun in a cozy and dreamy way where friends can bond with each other differently.      
MMM Bridal Party
celebrates your special day, in advance with love, great wishes from friends and lots of magical moments for you to treasure.

MMM Ladies' Night

offers an intimate gathering amongst your female friends with a touch of magic and intuition.

fun* laughter* magical moments * love & care * 
playful* laughter* magical moments * shining glitters * 
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