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Heart coherence is the synchronized and balanced state of the heart, mind, and emotions.

* Credits: HeartMath Institute (Copyright reserved by them - Thanks HeartMath Institute for this wonderful work. Follow them for more insights.)

When we are in this balanced state, we gain alignment and strength. We are experiencing well-being, groundedness, and improved cognitive abilities. We may behave with more compassion and make more considerate choices, resulting mutual benefits.

For examples (may be applicable to only some of us):

When we are in heart coherence state,

  • we become honest to ourselves, accepting and embracing who we are.

  • we give kindness to ourselves and others and trusting our intuition.

  • we wake up with gratitude for each day and hold a positive outlook.

  • we enjoy our daily tasks (job) and have meaningful relationships with colleagues.

  • we approach meetings with understanding, patience, and active listening, fostering friendlier, more respectful interactions with a focus on meeting objectives.

In analogy, it's like a harmonious merging of energy streams, akin to a magnetic field, radiating positive waves to those around us, warming hearts like a summer breeze.


[For parents with children]

Imagine the impact when parents are in this heart coherence state... Children sync with their parent’s energy and amplify this coherence in the family, especially with younger ones joining more easily and happily.

For examples (may be applicable to only some of us):

When we, parents are in heart coherence state,

  • we constantly give physical contacts like hugs, caress and kisses.

  • we share and provide constant psychological security and support.

  • we share genuine, intimate connections with our children.

  • we express emotions and vulnerabilities comfortably with trust.

  • we eagerly come home with a positive perspective and intention to know more about. our children’s day, fostering healthy and quality family moments.

  • we approach tantrums and differing opinions with understanding and composure.


How do we as individuals to create and maintain this heart coherence state?

We may consider the below:

  • being aware of our thoughts, thinking processes, and patterns (brain).

  • tuning into our heart and noticing any misalignment with our brain.

  • embracing and accepting our emotions.

  • creating a space for the brain, heart, and emotions to understand and collaborate.

  • keep the continuous dialogue going (for the brain, the heart and the emotions).

  • practice each day to let your heart lead.

  • extend this heart coherence energy to others with positive intentions.

Imagine an environment where neighbours, colleagues at work, acquaintances in the communities, visitors to our countries are having a positive day because of the positive vibes coming from your heart coherence state.

Imagine a world where all of us are in a heart coherence state.

Everything starts simply from today by asking yourself the below questions and make a choice to radiate with your heart coherence.

  • what's on your mind currently?

  • if your heart could speak, what would it say?

  • how have you been feeling lately, and are there recurring emotions?

Check out YouTube videos on HEART COHERENCE MEDITATION to learn more about it and related practices.

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