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Enjoying a Read

Specially For Children

We create these materials with love and care.
Hope they will bring you enjoyment, growth and enrich your life.
Color Monster.jpg

(For age 2-4) 
Build Emotion Confidence
Listen to my body.jpg

(For age 4-8) 
Practice Mindfulness
Guess how much I love you.jpg

(For age 2-4) 
Build Emotion Confidence
My body sends a signal.jpg

(For age 3-9) 
Practice Mindfulness
You are all my favorites.jpg

(For age 1-5) 
Build Emotion Confidence
Kindness is my superpower.jpg

(For age 4-6) 
Share Kindness
The giving tree.jpg

(For age 4-17) 
Cultivate Compassion
Breathing is my superpower.jpg

(For age 2-4) 
Practice Mindfulness
Words of inspiration for Children.jpg
Self care challenges for Children.jpg
Count your blessings.jpg

Words of Inspiration

Self-Care Introduction

Teaching Gratitude

House of Emotions.jpg

House of Emotions

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