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** Our MMM Parent-Kid Session **

Our Missions

  • strengthen emotional confidence

  • develop self-confidence and self-efficacy

  • foster a growth mindset and encourage positivity

Focused 3 Pillars

  • Emotional communication: Discovering our emotions and understand how to express them constructively

  • Confidence & empowerment: Knowing our inner assets and finding ways to let them shine

  • Kindness & compassion: Cultivating inner tenderness and staying grounded for whatever may come

Our Approaches

  • learning through play

  • self-reflection (inner wisdom) for personal solutions

Your Benefits

Less struggle and stresses in the emotional journey &

More enjoyment in emotional relationships

  • more connected and resourceful in parenting journey

  •  stay well-informed about own emotions and self

  • acquire lifetime tools to restore emotional calmness

  • find your inner happiness with positive outlook

For You Who Desire Emotional Balance & Inner Happiness

  • parents, children

  •  moms, women

  • teachers, individuals

Our Vision

is to support everyone mindfully taking care of their emotions with compassion

Wellness & positive parenting activities for the whole family

** After school activities & Parent-Kid workshops **

** Celebration & Parties **

** Parenting Workshops & Event Speaker **

** 1-1 Coaching **

About Me

Cindy Rosset

* authentic * creative * loving * positive * playful *
* spontaneous * high energy * driven * courageous *

“ I support children to build their emotional confidence, where they are at ease being with their inner self.“

“ I want to make a powerful, intimate, and a happy influence - starting with myself, my children, my family, with the people around me, within my community, and also around the world.”

1 DSC_0106.JPG

Hi! My name is Cindy Rosset, and I am an Emotional Resilience expert.


I believe that my entire life has been preparing me for this mission. I like to use the metaphor of a Ginkgo tree to represent myself. Grounded by the roots, my thoughts and values grow with the different experiences I encounter in life. I aspire to provide shelter and comfort to others through the branches and unique leaves of the tree. A place where people can gain comfort and rejuvenate, no matter what season or situation it is. The golden leaves of the tree give extra warmth and some shiny moments into people’s day to day lives. 


Right from a childhood that uprooted me multiple times around the world, to the various emotional challenges I faced throughout my journey, I have learnt that every setback can be an opportunity to make a positive change and open new doors. I no longer fight the changes that are coming my way, instead, I have started...

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