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Back to School Tips - Helping Parents to Support Their Children

Heading back to school can be exciting for some children, yet overwhelming and daunting for others. Sometimes, the anxiety dissipates within a few weeks once children are settled, becoming familiar and comfortable in the (new) environment.

As parents, there are several things we can do to ensure our children have a good start to the school year. Here are some tips:

  • Reassure routines (maintaining existing ones or staying informed about new ones).

  • Involve children in preparations and foster their autonomy (e.g., let them choose their clothes, get their school bag ready, dress themselves in the morning, tie their own shoes, etc.).

  • Create a positive outlook for children to look forward to. Encourage sharing about their day after school and show interest in their communication.

It's important to remind children of their strengths and past positive experiences, as well as expand their coping techniques. You can demonstrate some tools, like the following:

  • Self-compassion talk: When a child feels anxious, you might say, 'I understand you are feeling scared and worried, and this is totally normal! Even adults feel afraid sometimes.'

  • Breathing: 'Try to inhale deeply with magic glitters and exhale, imagining a butterfly in your stomach. This might help you feel a little better.'

  • Holding a symbolic object: Draw a picture or put a sticker on their hand, saying, 'This represents my presence (or love) with you, no matter where you go today.'

Emotions tend to be intense and mingled during this period. Mindful observing and asking, understanding and acknowledging their emotions help children feel supported, mattered, and loved.

We're here to let them know that all emotions are a part of our daily life, there are many ways to express and deal with emotions. Most of all, we are here whenever they need us.

Hope these back to school tips help you supporting your children.

Set and follow routines - Let children be autonomous - Encourage communication

Back to school may enrol stressful emotions - how to support our children back to school
Back to school tips

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