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"Change is not to be feared, but understood." ~ Anonymous

Change requires us to shift our status quo. It could be as simple as a single physical, mental or emotional shift or as complicated as a combination of these and more factors.

When a change occurs in our lives, we often dive right into a reaction instead of taking time to understand the event and plan a response.

So, how do you naturally react to change?

There are a few general, natural ways people react or respond to change. People may:

  1. ignore the initial signs of change until the change is imminent,

  2. deny, resist or over-amplify the impact without a real assessment,

  3. do nothing, let change take place and blame it afterwards (becoming a victim of the situation),

  4. accept that change is happening, understand its impacts and dream about the ideal results,

  5. prepare and adjust responsibly for the change on a physical, mental and emotional level,

  6. embrace and look forward to the change,

  7. liaise, support and motivate others to welcome the change.

What would it be like if you could respond to change as outlined below?

(a) Skip 1 to 3 above by taking ownership and understanding what 'change' means to you, its place in your value system and your beliefs regarding 'change'. Be aware of its general impact on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

This removes the fear of the unknown, makes you more aware of your behaviour patterns towards change and helps you control your reactions to the process.

(b) Realistically assess the change you are going through. Know there are types of changes you cannot control and need to just let go - and that there is change you can control. You may only need to give it your best shot and allow adequate time for an outcome to develop. (c) Revise and add new beliefs to strengthen your relationship with change. For example, you may embrace change if you know there is always a silver lining. What would be your new affirmation statement that works for you? (d) Know what you would like to see happening with you and change, your ideal BEING when encountering and experiencing change, your climax in this change process and the values you are standing for. As long as you can answer or describe what you want regarding change, you will have ways to achieve it with your resourcefulness and chosen actions.

We are not the victims of a fast changing world; we are actually the ones who decide how change affects us. If you prefer the status quo, be prepared for the consequences of resisting change, and do not let anyone try to change you. If you like change, however, you are likely in pursuit of a specific goal, need or belief of yours. Find out what drives you and what could possibly stop you.

If you are not sure which you prefer, keep exploring and starting befriend with change. Let change works for us regardless of whether you embrace or resist it.

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