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Parenthood is the only “job” which involves no formal training, very little background knowledge (for most of us) and the “outcome” involves the people we value most (our kids). However, most of the best parenting blogs I’ve seen also know that parenting cannot really be equated to a job, either. It is a relationship, as unique and special as your relationship with your spouse or best friend. As with any long-term relationship, it can have its ups and downs. Add to that the fact that children are still developing their social-emotional skills which makes the relationship trick at times.

These parenting blogs offer thought-provoking articles and useful hands-on tips. As a bonus, many are also based on research, which I always appreciate.

Nuture and Thrive:

research-based positive parenting ideas from a developmental psychologist. You can’t beat that. Great, thoughtful parenting blog articles.

Parents with Confidence:

Need help fostering emotional intelligence or a growth mindset in your children? Then this blog is the place to start. Angela also offers tons of good positive parenting articles on topics like raising strong-willed kids, coping with the toddler years and positive discipline.

Imperfect Families:

We are all imperfect parents but this blog gives us hope that we can raise good kids, despite our imperfections. Nicole is a licensed therapist who offers meaningful, real-life advice in a thoughtful way.

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