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Our Camps

Our Camps

We offer various camps during school holidays for kids aged 4-12.

Our camps are mindfulness-based and aim to mix activities indoors and outdoors, energizing, playful, calming relaxing.

We support your kids to discover their inner selves at a deeper level.

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Our 2023 Camps is ready for registration!!

Greatest Benefits
  • No crying in the morning to go to camp

  • Purposely cultivate a positive social group

  • Engage children to take up responsibilities happily in a team environment

Various Topics
  • Building self-confidence

  • Learning and befriending our emotions

  • Being kind and empathizing

  • Encouraging creativity and imagination

  • Affirming one’s capability

  • … and many more!

Well-Being Tools
  • Breathing exercises

  • Identifying feelings & needs 

  • Visualization and relaxation

  • Grounding and centering yoga movements

  • Meditation

  • ... and many more!

Our Heart Antenna
  • Matching your child’s wavelength

  • Listening to your child’s unspoken feelings and needs

  • Resonating with their ideas and thoughts

  • Keeping pace with their rhythm

  • Encouraging their passion

For Stomach Brain
  • To remain hydrated, warm and nurtured

  • To mindfully choose what goes into the mouth

  • Be attentive towards digesting food

  • Appreciate the food and the sources

Celebrate Achievements
  • Reflect on the journey and its timeline

  • Recognition of team spirit and cohesiveness

  • Appreciate oneself and everyone’s contribution

  • Express gratitude to self, others around us, and to the universe

  • Take home goodies to carry on with well-being routines and habits

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