We adhere to cantonal COVID protocols - we care about you and your child’s health & safety.

  • We kindly ask for you to take proper care and rest at home, if you feel unwell.

  • All yoga mats and other props will be disinfected before and after each workshop (kindly allow an extra 15 minutes for us to set up).

Our Camps

We offer various camps during school holidays for kids aged 4-12.

Our camps intend to balance indoor and outdoor, energizing, playful, and calming relaxing activities. 

We support your kids to discover their inner selves at a deeper level.

Our 2022 Camps is ready for registration!!

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Greatest Benefits
  • No crying in the morning to go to camp

  • Purposely cultivate a positive social group

  • Engage children to take up responsibilities happily in a team environment

Various Topics
  • Building self-confidence

  • Learning and befriending our emotions

  • Being kind and empathizing

  • Encouraging creativity and imagination

  • Affirming one’s capability

  • … and many more!

Well-Being Tools
  • Breathing exercises

  • Identifying feelings & needs 

  • Visualization and relaxation

  • Grounding and centering yoga movements

  • Meditation

  • ... and many more!

Our Heart Antenna
  • Matching your child’s wavelength

  • Listening to your child’s unspoken feelings and needs

  • Resonating with their ideas and thoughts

  • Keeping pace with their rhythm

  • Encouraging their passion

For Stomach Brain
  • To remain hydrated, warm and nurtured

  • To mindfully choose what goes into the mouth

  • Be attentive towards digesting food

  • Appreciate the food and the sources

Celebrate Achievements
  • Reflect on the journey and its timeline

  • Recognition of team spirit and cohesiveness

  • Appreciate oneself and everyone’s contribution

  • Express gratitude to self, others around us, and to the universe

  • Take home goodies to carry on with well-being routines and habits